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When people talk about bamboo, they often think of ornamental plants or balcony screen mats. But the raw material has much more to offer than just decorating domestic gardens. Here you can find out why bamboo is such a sustainable raw material and why it is considered the "material of the future".

Bamboo - the green gold from the Far East

The misconception that bamboo is a type of wood is widespread. Instead of being a tree, it belongs to the sweet grass family. The over 1400 types of bamboo grow almost everywhere on earth, with the exception of Europe and Antarctica. The differences between the species range from genera with small tufts of grass to 40 meter high bamboo forests.

Although it is possible to grow individual bamboo bushes in European gardens, the plants grow best in tropical or subtropical conditions. This means that the raw material traditionally comes primarily from Asia. However, the plant is so frugal that it is now also cultivated in some African countries.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on our planet and can grow up to 10 meters in just a month. Depending on the genus, it even grows up to a meter per day. Plants that will later serve as raw materials will therefore reach their full size after a few months. However, the stalk only lignifies over the years, so that it is completely hardened and usable after approx. 5-7 years.

Special properties of bamboo

  • Biodegradable
  • Climate friendly due to absorption of large amounts of CO2
  • Sustainable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Stable and robust - but light at the same timet
  • Attractive appearance
  • Neutral taste

The versatile miracle plant - hard as a stone, tough as steel, light as a feather

Bamboo is an absolute all-rounder. The wood is dense and hard but at the same time it’s light and flexible. This makes it easy to process and it can be used as a base material for many products. In addition to garden accessories, furniture and toothbrushes even bicycle frames and textiles are now made from bamboo fibers. Ecobiopack also sells a variety of packaging products made from bamboo. These include, for example, the natural bamboo flag skewers, tear-resistant serviettes / napkins or bamboo drinking straws, which are suitable for hot and cold drinks.

Why is bamboo so sustainable?

Bamboo is a thoroughly sustainable natural product. With its rapid growth, the plant represents an infinite resource. Because of its durability and stability, the material also has a long lifespan. It is not for nothing that bamboo is considered a symbol of steadfastness and age in China.

Another argument represents the demand of the plant: it’s very low. Bamboo is so resistant that it requires little to no fertilizers and pesticides to grow. Unlike many other cultivated plants, bamboo does not depend on artificial irrigation methods. One of the reasons for this is the extensive root system. In addition to absorbing water, the root system also serves to constantly form new plant shoots. Harvesting a culm therefore does not cause the entire plant to die - as is the case with most tree species. Thus, large quantities of bamboo can be harvested without endangering the stand.

In addition to being processed as a pure natural fiber, bamboo is also used as a green alternative to crude oil-based plastic. Unlike crude oil, the bamboo plant is a renewable resource and is therefore much more environmentally friendly to extract.

As if that weren't enough, bamboo stores more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than trees. It is therefore a real climate superstar and a true all-rounder.

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