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Climate Safe 360°

As the first European supplier of food service packaging, we offset all CO2 emissions - from the cultivation of the raw materials, to the transport and operation of our offices, to the disposal of the products. This means that our activities and products are 100 percent CO2-compensated. We call this Climate Safe 360°.

What does CO2-compensated mean and when is something climate neutral?

Before we go into Climate Safe 360 °, we should clarify a few terms and backgrounds. You have probably noticed that many companies advertise with terms like "climate neutral", "CO2 neutral", "climate compensated" or "CO2 compensated". It is not always explained what is meant by this. But this is very important, because the terms are not self-explanatory. In principle, products or actions are labeled with these terms if they have no negative impact on the CO2 concentration in the earth's atmosphere, e.g. by offsetting emissions in climate protection projects.

However, there is increasing criticism of the terms: "Climate neutral" and "CO2 neutral", for example, imply that the respective products or companies are free of CO2 emissions - but this is often not the case. The terms "CO2-compensated" and "climate-compensated" are also ambiguous, because they do not indicate the percentage of emissions that have been offset and where and how the offset takes place. Sometimes the labels are awarded even if only part of the emissions are offset instead of all of them.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)

Let's take a closer look at this topic: In order to be able to offset emissions at all, companies draw up a greenhouse gas balance sheet. This balance is divided into two parts. First, the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) is determined. This exclusively highlights the company and its emissions (e.g. electricity consumption, employees' journeys to work by bus and train, etc.). Companies that produce or trade in physical goods (such as ecobiopack) also have a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). This balance refers to our entire product range and thus to each individual product. This includes all stages of production: from materials to manufacturing to transport routes.

For comparison: the share of our PCF is 99.6 percent, the CCF is only 0.4 percent of the total balance. The manufacture of our products therefore causes the most emissions by far. Some companies only offset their CCF and still advertise with the terms "climate neutral" or "CO2-compensated". Only when you take a closer look do you realise how small the share is.

That is why we offset all CO2 emissions in production, transport, companies and resources - i.e. our CCF and PCF - with full conviction. With the composition of CCF and PCF, we achieve our goal of a 100 percent CO2-compensated company. Not because we have to, but because we want to actively contribute to climate protection. For a sustainable future of our green planet.

Climate Safe 360°

We want to calculate our emissions as accurately as possible. In the past, we already recalculated our balances, which were carried out by external partners. That's why from now on we have an internal expert who calculates the CO2 footprint of our company and our products. After all, we are most familiar with our figures that have to be taken into account for the calculation. Our calculations are then verified by an independent third party. In this way, we want to create more transparency and accuracy for all parties involved.

"Climate Safe 360°" is our new motto. Climate neutrality in production, transport, business and resources. The final question is: Where do we offset our emissions?

The Gold Standard

We offset our emissions with the help of Gold Standard climate protection projects. Gold Standard was created by WWF and other environmental and development experts. The Gold Standard was designed to ensure that projects are not only climate-friendly, but also have a developmental impact. Project developers have the opportunity to carry out meaningful projects that have a positive impact on the region and the global climate. We are currently supporting two projects that have a direct connection to us. It is not about the sustainable packaging of food, but about the sustainable preparation of food.

Clean Energy with Wind Power: 300 MW Wind Power Project in Gujarat

The climate protection project 'Wind Power Project' in the Indian state of Gujarat comprises wind turbines in various villages. The sustainably generated power through wind energy is fully integrated into the national Indian power grid. The goal of the project is the expansion of wind turbines for emission-free power generation, aiming to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and decrease CO2 emissions. Therefore, the operation of the turbines has positive effects on the health of the local population. Combustion of coal, gas, and oil produces air-polluting pollutants such as nitrogen and sulfur oxides. Wind power generation keeps the air clean. Thus, protecting the environment and advancing the energy transition as a crucial element of global climate protection.

Overall, the project contributes to shaping a sustainable future, primarily through the generation of clean energy, environmental protection, and the promotion of eco-friendly principles in line with technological developments. This creates additional positive conditions for people. The wind power project is also a driver for establishing economic prosperity; it combats poverty and creates jobs, attracting investors and contributing to the development of rural infrastructures. The 'Wind Power Project' also supports 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, such as the goals of 'decent work and economic growth' and 'climate action'.

Past Achievements

To offset our emissions, we supported climate protection projects in Nigeria, Guatemala, Kenya, and India in the past.

With the project 'Improved Cooking' in Nigeria, we supported the local people with the distribution and commissioning of efficient wood stoves. The modern wood stoves resulted in low emissions, and the smoke exhaust protected the health of girls and women often responsible for food preparation.

The project 'Ecofiltro Guatemala' promoted, alongside the distribution of energy-efficient wood stoves, safe and germ-free water purification for the local people. The project developers' special water filter concept produces clean drinking water in a multi-stage process, eliminating the need for extensive boiling.

With the project in Kenya, we promoted the protection of dry forest and savannah, creating jobs locally and counteracting deforestation. Rangers also patrol the area to protect the habitat of numerous wildlife species.

In India, we supported a region where the raw material for our Palmware® products is harvested and the items are manufactured. The project promotes regional reforestation by local smallholder farmers. The farmers retain their land and the products created on it to earn their livelihood.

Avoid, reduce, compensate

There is one thing we inevitably cannot avoid: CO2 is generated in the production of our products. Production without emissions is not yet possible. CO2 is also emitted during our daily activities at the workplace. We would like not only to offset these emissions, but also to reduce them in the future and, if possible, to avoid them.

For example, many of our products are now produced in Germany to avoid long transport routes. Our employees also have the opportunity to purchase a low-cost job bike and thus cycle to work without producing emissions. We have drastically reduced and modernised our paper consumption by using databases. We also purchase 100% green electricity for our office locations. We want to continue to find ways to minimise our emissions. Avoid, reduce and offset remains our green order.

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