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Environmentally friendly flat lids for our PLA cups

For carefree enjoyment to go : You can put the lids on our PLA cups as extra protection when you’re out and about. There’s a cross for straws in the middle of the lid. So your customers can comfortably enjoy their refreshing drinks on the go.

PLA bio-plastic made from renewable raw materials: Our lids are made from the PLA bio-plastic. It’s based on corn starch, isbiodegradable and free of BPAs and petroleum . Only corn plants are used for the production.

  • Product height (mm): 11
  • Product diameter at top (mm): 50
  • Product diameter at bottom (mm): 100
  • Width carton (mm): 370
  • Length pack (mm): 550
  • Height pack (mm): 480
  • Weight per pack (kg): 6,4
  • Sub-packaging units per PU: 20
  • EAN: 4260643572623
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