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EU Single-Use Plastic Ban

Or the so called Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) - long name, but what's behind it? Here you can find out what the directive stipulates and which products are affected by it. We also show you how you can easily replace the banned products with sustainable alternatives, and all that in our shop!

What is the SUPD?

The Single-Use Plastics Directive is an EU directive that came into force on 3 July 2021. Its aim is to reduce the environmental damage caused by (single-use) plastic products. The directive is primarily intended to promote circular approaches such as recycling and sustainable, non-toxic reusable packaging solutions.

80 - 85 % of the waste in European seas consists of plastics, either in the form of single-use articles or as fishing gear from fisheries. This is to be counteracted with a restriction on the marketing of certain plastic products.

The directive provides for various measures to reduce the environmental damage caused by single-use plastics.

Bans of the German Single-Use Plastics Directive

Since july 3rd 2021 (two years after the adoption of the directive in 2019), certain single-use plastic products for which there are alternatives made of other materials are banned. This concerns both conventional plastics and bioplastics. The banned products include:

  • cotton swabs
  • plastic cutlery and plates
  • drinking straws
  • stirrers
  • balloon holders
  • polystyrene (Styrofoam) cups and food containers for immediate consumption

Products made of oxo-degradable ("degradable in the air") plastics should no longer exist at all, because these only decompose into microscopic plastic parts and thus burden all natural cycles.

New labelling of plastic products

On a number of products, manufacturers are to provide information about the negative effects of improper disposal. This is to be implemented in the form of pictograms on the respective products, without which they can no longer be put into circulation.

The pictograms show warnings against improper disposal and possible effects on the environment. In addition, it can be read whether the product in question is made entirely or partly of plastic. This disregards whether it is a bioplastic such as PLA or conventional, petroleum-based plastics such as PE.

This means that in the future you will only be able to buy our PLA cups if they are labelled accordingly. In addition to the potential negative effects, however, we also point out the many positive characteristics of the cups with an additional print. We will soon be able to show you exactly what this looks like. On this website you can read the "Official Journal of the European Union" on the directive

Which products can be still used?

Disposable plates

Disposable plates

Disposable plates can easily be replaced by plant-based products. The choice is yours: would you prefer the classic made of cardboard? Or made of sugar cane? Maybe a unique item made of palm leaf? Single-use or reusable?

Compostable tableware



Disposable cutlery can also be easily replaced by wooden or renewable alternatives. Again, you have the choice between disposable and reusable.


Drinking straws

Drinking straws

Drinking straws made from environmentally friendly materials are a dime a dozen. In our shop, you will find exactly the drinking straw you need for every use. Made of paper, grass paper, glass or bamboo, there are no limits to your imagination.

Drinking straws

Cup accessories

Cup accessories

Mixing sugar, milk and coffee on the go? The days of plastic stirrers are over! With our bamboo stirring sticks or espresso spoons made of birch wood, it's not only just as good, but more sustainable.

Cup accessories

EPS food containers

Food containers

You can also easily find replacements for EPS food containers in our shop. In addition to products made of sugar cane and cellulose, we also offer cardboard.

Cardboard boxes or Menus



We come across to-go cups almost every day. They cannot always be avoided in everyday life. We therefore offer you sustainable alternatives, so to speak as a good conscience to go. We have the right cup for every occasion. Single-walled or double-walled, made of cardboard or PLA, we got what you need.


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