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Wood Fibre: A Material with Many Positive Attributes

While sugarcane has long been established as a food service packaging material, another innovative packaging material with similarly positive attributes is now emerging: wood fibre. Admittedly, sugarcane and wood fibre are quite similar - but they particularly differ in their production.

The Benefits of Wood Fibre Packaging

Natural wood fibre is a true all-rounder. This natural talent is not only water-resistant but also grease-resistant. This makes it suitable for almost any dish. The packaging can even be placed in the microwave along with its contents to warm up the meal. Of course, sustainability is the top priority: the wood fibre products are biodegradable and their material comes from FSC-certified forestry. So far, so good – because sugarcane has these properties too. So, what exactly is the difference between wood fibre and sugarcane?

Wood Fibre Products: Made in Europe

What's special about our wood fibre products is their production process. Sugarcane is primarily grown in warmer regions, such as India or the Caribbean islands. While the products have sustainable and excellent properties, they have a long transport distance before they reach Europe. Wood fibres do not have specific high climatic temperature requirements, unlike sugarcane. Therefore, the wood fibres in our products come from Europe. This way, we avoid long transportation routes, thus reducing the CO2 footprint. Additionally, the wood fibre comes from sustainable forestry and is FSC-certified.

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