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Tips and tricks for your food truck

Food trucks are conquering the streets with their multi-layered culinary offerings. The origins of this worldwide boom can be traced back to Asia. In small cookshops on wheels, chefs sell their own food to people in the big Asian cities - quickly and easily. In the meantime, food trucks have become an integral part of urban food culture. You want to buy a food truck and start your own business? We have summarised tips and tricks for you.

Create a business plan

Setting up your own business costs a lot of money as well as time. The purchase of a food truck is anything but cheap, depending on its condition. Therefore, it is imperative that you create a business plan in order to convince banks or other potential financiers of your concept. Present your company - the focus is, of course, on the corresponding product. Convince them with a market and location analysis as well as your competent team. Present the expected turnover and the capital requirements. The financial plan is all about the bare figures - this is what potential financiers are particularly interested in. And with all the euphoria, a risk assessment should not be missing.

Permits, permits, permits

You've bought a food truck and want to get started straight away? Unfortunately, it's not that easy. First the good news: you don't need any specific training to open a food truck. Experience in the catering industry is of course an advantage. However, you will need a variety of papers and permits. You need a trade licence for restaurants and food trucks. You also need a liquor licence if you sell alcoholic beverages. Even a police clearance certificate is required. An application is also required for outdoor catering, as well as for standing in public places. What sounds mundane at first: Are you allowed to drive the food truck at all? A normal driving licence (class B) is valid for vehicles with trailers and a total weight of 3.5 tonnes. If the weight is higher, a C1 driving licence is required.

Observe hygiene regulations

Where food is involved, there are generally stricter hygiene measures. You have to present a health certificate as well as a hygiene instruction. In addition, it is obligatory to attend a food hygiene training course, as well as an instruction in relation to the Infection Protection Act. You can get all this from the health office. Your employees also have to deal with this. Basic things, such as the strict separation of food and cleaning utensils, as well as daily cleaning of taps and kitchen equipment, are of course essential.


In order to be covered in case of damage, you should look for relevant insurances. In addition to accident insurance, you should also take care of professional liability insurance. Vehicle insurance is also more than advisable - after all, you can't work without your truck. The goods should also be directly insured. This makes a good impression in your business plan, as you are covered in case of damage.

What do you want to offer?

Whether it's a full meal for lunch or a tasty snack in between meals - food trucks satisfy every hunger. You decide what you want to specialise in. This could be a specific dish, such as burgers or ice cream. You also have the option to focus on a typical national cuisine. Local slow food, classic fast food or exotic street food - stand out from your competitors. Never regard your menu as fixed, but as flexible and variable. Respond to criticism and customers' wishes, because they decide whether they come back or not. Try out different menus to offer variety to your clientele.

Corporate Design

The truck is your company on four wheels. It is therefore all the more important that its appearance is always well-kept. A scruffy truck will not attract customers. Small things make all the difference. Don't just write the prices on the board - make it a decorative work of art. Brightly painted or with prominent lighting - there are plenty of ways to make your truck look as "appetising" as possible. Your food truck should be unique to stand out from the crowd. Your corporate design ensures recognition value. Wear shirts with the company logo in the truck and print the packaging with it as well. We would be happy to take on this task for you. Individualised packaging looks more professional and stays in people's minds. In the best case, your food truck will become a brand of its own. Apart from the external appearance, regular inspections and maintenance are of course mandatory to ensure that the technical requirements are met.

Reliable employees

Working in a food truck is often exhausting. You have to cook, prepare, serve and sell in a very confined space. It is therefore all the more important that your employees always keep a cool head and remain friendly - even if a difficult guest is standing in front of the counter or the rush is great. In addition, the workspace in a food truck is very limited. Therefore, equip your truck as efficiently as possible so that no space is lost. Routine is also crucial during preparation, so that every move is correct and your employees do not obstruct each other.

Create time management

To avoid long waiting times, time management has to be right. Many professionals head for the food trucks during their lunch break - so their time is limited. The right preparation is crucial. Vegetables should already be cut and the procedures should be routine. Even if the truck is not open for customers, there is a lot of work to do. After all, food has to be bought and prepared, cleaning is essential and time must also be planned for advertising.

The right location

The main thing with the location is to be present. The advantage is, of course, that the truck is mobile and you can try out different places. It's best to do a location analysis. Directly in the city centre, in front of large office complexes or universities - try out where you can attract the most customers and return there. Of course, the legal permits must be observed.

Marketing and advertising

People are online all the time and everywhere - take advantage of this by being active on social media with your business. Post your dishes on Instagram that make people want to see more. Inform your customers where you are currently on the road. Announce new menus in advance or advertise price promotions to connect even more intensively with your community. It is important that you schedule time for your contributions and don't do them on the side. The quality always suffers as a result. Since the hype around food trucks is not dying down, they are also very popular at events. At private parties, such as birthdays or weddings, food truck catering is an absolute highlight. At food truck festivals, fans of food culture can also try out a lot of culinary delights. Use every event to promote yourself and your business.

Packaging tips for your food

In the past, the majority of the population tended to associate mobile food with the classic food truck - curry sausage, fried chicken, red and white fries. Today, the culinary selection is more diverse and, if necessary, healthier. Whether sweet or savoury, meaty or vegan, traditional or modern - here every palate gets its money's worth. They all have one thing in common: they have to be packaged. We have the right and environmentally friendly disposable packaging for you - made from sugar cane or palm leaf, for example. Conventional plastic is completely banned due to the EU-wide ban on single-use plastic! Most of our packaging can be stacked to save space, and some can even be folded. That saves a lot of space in the small truck! In addition, the 2023 mandatory reusability would also be advisable for you. From 2023, catering businesses with a maximum of 5 employees and a sales area of 80 square metres will be obliged to offer reusable alternatives. Food trucks are therefore less likely to be affected. Nevertheless, there are certainly customers who explicitly ask for it. If you would like to support the reusable idea in your food truck, take a look at our reusable section.

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