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Reusable lid that matches our Häppy Bowls®

Securely seal your meals for transport: The reusable lids are an exact fit for our Häppy Bowl® bowls. The lid makes a click sound when closed. So you know that everything is secure and your meals are ready for transport.
There is a small tab on the edge which makes it quick and easy for you to open the lid.

Everything at a glance: The lids are reusable, recyclable, suitable for food contact, Dishwasher proof (EN 12875) and suitable for cold and hot dishes. But sometimes pictures say more than words. You’ll find icons for these special properties on the lid.

Stable stacking: The lids can be stacked on top of each other - so you save storage space.
Did you know that the pre-packed bowls can also be stacked on top of each other with the lids on? We’ve come up with something very special here: the lids have a ridge which is an exact fit for the bottom of the bowl. So you can stack bowls of the same size or stack from large to small. Your tower of culinary delights is secure and ready for transport.
Have your customers also ordered our disposable paper bowls? Our Häppy Bowls® and disposable paper bowls with lids can also be stacked together. Reusable and disposable literally go hand in hand.

  • Product height (mm): 15
  • Product length (mm): 166
  • Product diameter at top (mm): 120
  • Product diameter at bottom (mm): 157
  • Width carton (mm): 170
  • Length pack (mm): 325
  • Height pack (mm): 220
  • Weight per pack (kg): 1,8
  • Sub-packaging units per PU: 6
  • EAN: 4260643578991
Product advantages
This article is suitable for multiple uses. You can lend it for free and without a deposit using the Mehrweg-App - this also applies to delivery services!
This article is dishwasher safe.
Cold and hot dishes
This article is suitable for both cold and hot dishes.
Made in Europe
This article was manufactured in Europe.
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