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CO2 Portal

Have you ever wondered about your own carbon footprint? How high your consumption behavior or energy usage is, and how you can save CO2? To find out exactly that, we now offer the opportunity to use a CO2 portal. This allows you to view the offset CO2 emissions of your geenbox order!

Why Do We Need to Reduce CO2?

CO2 plays a significant role as a greenhouse gas in climate change. The combustion of fossil fuels increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, leading to a rise in the average temperature on Earth. The environment is not spared from this – the effects are drastic. Ocean acidification, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity are just some examples of the growing pressures. These developments increase the risk of increased disasters for humanity.

The Importance of the CO2 Portal

To take countermeasures and raise awareness, it helps to delve into the issue. That's why we at ecobiopack have decided to create a CO2 Portal for our customers, which is easy and free to access. The CO2 Portal provides us with a suitable source of information to make facts and data on CO2 emissions accessible and understandable.

What is a CO2 Portal and How Does It Work?

With the ecobiopack CO2 Portal, you can consider and manage your own carbon footprint. To generate this, your ecobiopack orders that produce greenhouse gases are calculated. But then what? The available data will help you to act more sustainably and environmentally friendly. In the CO2 Portal, you will find tips on how to implement practical solutions to create a greener future.

Use the CO2 Portal with Us Now

Our geenbox customers can now easily and quickly generate a free certificate that shows the offset CO2 emissions of their orders with ecobiopack. This gives you an individual proof to track your orders.

But it doesn't have to stop with the certificate – if you run a large company and sometimes lose track of sustainability, we are here to help. On request, we can quickly and conveniently create a summary of your emissions. This is particularly interesting for our corporate clients, as it lists all items and their offset emissions by type and category. This way, you get a precise overview of your order and the emissions caused, sent directly to your inbox!

Try out our free ecobiopack CO2 Portal now!

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