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Even though our products are based on natural materials, they still must be tested for food suitability, just like any other food packaging. Here you will learn which standards are used and which special regulations apply.

General conformity of products

In accordance with the applicable regulations of the Consumer Goods Ordinance § 2 paragraph 1, in conjunction with the Food, Consumer Goods and Feed Code § 2 paragraph 6 and Article 1 paragraph 2 of Regulation (EG) No. 1935/2004 on materials and articles that are intended to come into contact with food, laboratory tests are carried out at regular intervals by an independent institute on behalf of the respective manufacturer or importer.

Special regulation on plastics

If plastics are part of the product, the manufacturer's certificate of compliance with the regulations 2002/72/EC, 2008/39/EC or (EC) No. 10/2011 is confirmed.

Special regulation palm leaf products

Greenbox commissions recognised testing laboratories at regular intervals to test and confirm the palm leaf disposable tableware for suitability in food contact and safety in use.

The first test is carried out on behalf of our BSCI audited partner on site in the country of origin by the internationally recognised and accredited SGS testing laboratory. The tests comply with the international requirements according to EU 1935/2004 and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The second test is carried out on behalf of Greenbox in Germany, also by a testing laboratory and institute recognised by the German Accreditation Body.

These tests range from comprehensive analysis for chemical or bacterial substances in accordance with the requirements of European and German regulations and laws (e.g. EU Directives 1907/2006 REACH, 1935/2004 Food Contact, 2001/95 General Product Safety, 528/2012 Biocide Ordinance and the Prepackaging Ordinance) to national regulations such as the Commodities Ordinance (e.g. with regard to usability testing), the Food and Feed Code and the recommendations of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

We will gladly provide you with a declaration of conformity and further information. If there are any use-related restrictions, we will inform you about them transparently and openly.

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