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What is the difference between our Palmware® and Palm leaf?

Palm leaves offer a variety of special characteristics - they are true all-rounders. Despite their natural origin, they are remarkably resilient. Their durability is evidenced by a multitude of products available in our shop. Our collection includes various versions of plates and bowls – all sustainable, natural, and stylish. This natural product is CO2-neutral, emitting only as much as the plant absorbed during its growth. Thus, to us, palm leaves represent an especially fascinating type of raw material!

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Palm Leaf Equals Palm Leaf? – Not Quite!

We offer two distinct varieties of palm leaf products in our shop. What many might not notice at first glance speaks for the thoughtful production process that the plant undergoes. The style of the palm leaf products is simply chic and natural, yet there are differences in the handling of production, making the two sustainable alternatives quite unique. We refer to our variety of palm products as the so-called refined Palmware® and natural Palm Leaf, which you can find in our shop in a selection of dishware! Now, the question might arise as to what exactly the difference between the two products is. So, let’s clarify what the two versions entail.

A Production in the Name of Sustainability

We begin with the creation process of our products. We use palm leaves from the betel nut palm, a “by-product” on betel nut plantations in India. We don’t need to cultivate our own plantations or clear rainforests to produce our items. Moreover, we enhance environmental friendliness – the water used to wash our palm leaves is collected and used for irrigation. Now, let’s address the production of our palm leaf dishes, which also explains our choice of two alternatives in our shop. Initially, the plant sheds leaves during growth, which are collected during the dry season and then sorted by quality. For our palm leaf dishes, the entire leaf is pressed, those that are high-quality.

The Natural Carefulness of Our Palm Leaf

The deviation in our range thus corresponds to the fineness of the selection. Our refined Palmware® products are made from the first pick of leaves esteemed for their quality. Our natural palm leaf products, therefore, represent the full utilization of leaves that would be deemed as a “waste product” in conventional production. This means that we also use the leaves that do not make it to the first pick. These are usually the ones already on the ground. Yet, we make use of these too, hence offering an even more sustainable alternative. Due to the residual utilization process for the natural palm leaf dishes, there’s a possibility that the availability of our products may vary. In our shop, there might be deviations in stock accordingly. It is because this depends on the plant. Thus, the product becomes a true ideal of the sustainable industry. It can indeed be even more sustainable!

Palmware or Palm Leaf – The Agony of Choice

In our range, we aim to provide our customers with high-quality and stylish products that ensure satisfaction. Since we are committed to creating products that represent sustainability and prioritize a more environmentally conscious future, we wanted to offer not only our refined Palmware but also an option that reflects the full naturalness of the product and our shop alike. This is how our esteemed option of natural palm leaf came about. The product shines in its natural look, which comes from the recycled raw material of pecan production and is in no way inferior to our refined Palmware® products.

Our Unique Pieces of Recyclability

The naturalness emanating from our natural palm leaf range is also found in our refined Palmware®. The processing of the finely selected leaves is discernible in the structure of the palm leaf dishes and is therefore ascribed the additional designation “refined” by us. As we see, there are deviations in the complexity of production, which also explains the separation of the cost issue. In our shop, therefore, the natural palm leaf products appear at a lower price. For our customers who want to save sustainably and are appealed by the natural look, this is an effective alternative!

What Our Palm Leaf Dishes Can Do!

The palm leaf dishes provide stability and resistance to sauces and fats in every form. Additionally, it’s suitable for hot foods and is water-repellent. Add to that the raw material management without fungicides or pesticides, and it makes for a worry-free and eco-friendly enjoyment from our palm articles. The food-grade product can be found in our store in a variety of variations - round, square, teardrop-shaped, or as boats - we offer unique designs for every occasion! The disposable dishware is not only aesthetic but also functional! Not only the modernity of our palm leaf dishes should be convincing, but also the support that is made through the use, strengthens our business partner in India and his family business. Regarding our partner and the creation processes of our fair production, you can read even more interesting knowledge on our blog!

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