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The Right Packaging for Fries and More at Fairs and Funfairs

Everyone loves the colorful splendor of fairs, funfairs, carnivals, and festivals: they offer fun, excitement, indulgence for young and old alike and have a long tradition in many cities and communities. Various rides such as roller coasters, bumper cars, carousels, game booths, and beer tents provide a colorful, lively atmosphere and a wide variety of culinary delights are also available.

Paper bags, plates, bowls, and napkins for fries, bratwurst, lard cakes, and more

At the folk festival, fair, funfair, and carnival, visitors can stroll from stall to stall through the culinary offerings of the region. From kebabs, fries, currywurst, pork knuckle to Asian noodles, pizza, pretzels, the typical lard cakes, roasted almonds and nuts to the concluding treats such as chocolate fruits, cotton candy, and lollipops, everything is available. From the food truck or snack bar, the warm or cold dishes usually come on paper plates, fry bags, in snack bags, or wrapped with a napkin, fresh, juicy, and hot ready to go in hand and are consumed while strolling through the rows of attractions.

If the weather doesn't cooperate, the treats can be packed directly from the fair or festivals as takeaway meals in menu boxes and paper bags for consumption at home. Packaging therefore plays an important role for consumption at the fair, the funfair, and the carnival. Because the packaging must match the respective dish, be sturdy, catch the fat to prevent spills. Packaging that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable is best suited.

Different countries, different customs - what foods does the fair offer in Europe

The variety of foods at the fair, the fairground, and the carnival is impressive. Each country has its own specialties in fast food. That's why a visit is worthwhile not only for locals but especially for tourists. In Germany, the frequently served Bratwurst with mustard in a paper tray with a skewer or pretzels served on a napkin are indispensable classics at the fair. In Switzerland, Raclette traditionally served with potatoes and pickled onions, as well as Rösti garnished with bacon or cheese, are culinary highlights at the church fair. For dessert, there are Chnöpfli sprinkled with sugar. The Netherlands entice with Poffertjes, small, fluffy pancakes served with butter and powdered sugar for palate pleasure at the fair. Bitterballen are additionally filled with creamy meat, fried balls, and Stroopwafels are filled with sweet syrup.

In France, sweet crêpes and savory galettes are indispensable delicacies that can also be eaten on the go from a paper plate. Not suitable for everyone, but still a specialty, are Escargots - snails cooked in garlic butter sauce. In the United Kingdom, fish and chips with vinegar and salt are tempting. The hearty pastry pies known as Pie are filled with meat or vegetables and perfect for a snack on the go. Burgers and hot dogs are popular worldwide. In sturdy cardboard burger boxes, juicy cheeseburgers can be conveniently taken home as takeaway, while the hot dog topped with fried onions can be easily slid into the mouth with the help of a hot dog sled made of cardboard.

Ice cream, juice, punch & Co. - the right cup for ice cream and drinks at the fairground

The beverage dispensing of fresh juice, smoothies, lemonades with a straw as well as hot drinks like coffee or punch is part of the fairground life. Various flavors of ice cream or soft ice cream are indispensable for cooling off at the fair and the fairground during the hot season. Bringing your own drinks is usually prohibited in many places. Refreshing juices or lemonades can be conveniently poured into the usual paper cups . Those who order a milkshake or smoothie are served with a matching dome lid, optionally with a hole or slit for the straw. In winter, double-walled paper cups with seasonal motifs or ridged cups are suitable for serving hot drinks such as coffee to go, punch, or cocoa.

Such types of cups protect the hands from the heat of hot drinks and can be held for a long time. This way, you can comfortably wander through the booth magic of winter fairs. With the right lid, the coffee to go, cocoa, or tea stays nice and warm while Mom watches the kids ride the carousel and Dad secretly buys a Christmas present at the jewelry stand. Creamy ice cream or soft ice cream is also simply part of the fairground life. With a practical cardboard ice cream cup, the ice cream to go can be enjoyed with a spatula. A colorful, brightly printed ice cream cup is particularly appealing to children, spreads good vibes, and can even be customized with your own company name or logo.

Fun, excitement, and thrills for young and old at the fairground

At the fair, the carnival, or the amusement park, there is something exciting for everyone to discover and experience. From breathtaking to fun attractions, the colorful world of rides and game stalls offers unforgettable experiences for young and old alike. From classic children's carousels with flying elephants, fire trucks, or white giant swans to game booths, shooting galleries, and bouncy castles, there is everything. nerve-wracking roller coasters, drop towers, or haunted houses for the brave. For those who love thrills, they can plunge into rapid loops or whirl to dizzying heights. For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, there are cozy rides through romantic love tunnels or the slow ascent in the Ferris wheel, offering a magnificent view of the colorful hustle and bustle. It's even better enjoyed with a coffee to go or crispy fries in a bowl. Those who prefer to feel solid ground under their feet can then be given the cheese pretzel on a paper plate to take away. More and more organizers are paying attention to sustainability when purchasing their packaging for operation at the fairground, carnival, or amusement park, ordering trays, cups, and bags that are made from renewable resources or are bio-based or biodegradable.

Creating unforgettable moments at the fairground

It's not just the rides and so-called food stalls that make the charm of the fairground, carnival, and folk festival - even the offerings away from the bustling attractions and indulgences are worth a visit. From booths with skill games to cotton candy and popcorn stands, to colorful booths with souvenirs and deliciously greasy, sweet, or crispy treats, there is much to discover and enjoy. Almonds, candied nuts, licorice, and candies are quickly filled into the appropriate paper bags for both young and old. Many organizers now use reusable trays for presentation in the display window of food trucks or snack carts, which are easy to clean after use and save waste. Even doughnuts and pastries sprinkled with sugar quickly find their way from the paper bag to the mouth by hand or fork. A visit to the fairground, carnival, or folk festival is not just a leisure activity but an opportunity to create shared memories. Here, everyone can escape everyday life for a short time and plunge into a world full of fun and excitement. Whether with family, good friends, newly in love, or long-married - a trip to the fair promises plenty of joy and unforgettable moments worth remembering.

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