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Sugarcane Dip Plates: Extra Chamber for Sauces & Dips

Our sugarcane dip plates offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable tableware. They are made from bagasse, a material derived from the residues of sugarcane production. The bagasse is ground and processed into a cellulose pulp, which is then pressed into the desired shape under pressure and heat. The dip plates are completely uncoated and compostable according to DIN 13432.

The rectangular sugarcane dip plates provide ample space with two chambers. The larger chamber has a capacity of 375 ml (filled to the brim 550 ml) and is ideal for main dishes for dipping such as spring rolls, noodles, or nachos. The smaller chamber holds 50 ml (filled to the brim 80 ml) and is perfect for small treats, dips, or sauces. Additionally, the plates are lightweight and therefore ideal for mobile use. They are popular on food trucks, at catering events, in canteens, and snack bars.

  • Product width (mm): 163
  • Product height (mm): 40
  • Product length (mm): 188
  • Article volume (ml): 375/50
  • Max. volume (ml): 550/80
  • Product width bottom (mm): 118
  • Product Length bottom (mm): 142
  • Width carton (mm): 345
  • Length pack (mm): 445
  • Height pack (mm): 395
  • Weight per pack (kg): 11,2
  • Sub-packaging units per PU: 4
  • EAN: 4260535391714
Product advantages
By the use of bio-based resources, such as bio-plastics, this article possesses a smaller carbon footprint in its life-cycle than conventional products.
This article is completely bio-degradable. In case that it contains plastics, only bio-plastics, which decompose in a natural way, are used.