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Drinking straws without plastic - the good conscience in your drink

Today, it is hard to imagine our cups, glasses and perhaps even the odd mug without the straw. Whereas today we are diligently replacing plastic straws piece by piece with sustainable alternatives such as paper drinking straws, people many generations before us were far more sustainable.

From gold to grass to paper straws

The earliest findings suggest that drinking straws were already being produced thousands of years ago. Anyone expecting simple, environmentally friendly straws made of straw here would be greatly mistaken: reusable rods made of gold, adorned with embedded lapis lazuli - that's at least the kind of straw that was found in a Sumerian tomb over 5000 years old. However, the earliest drinking straws were not intended for enjoying cold drinks. They probably served the purpose of easily accessing the underlying beverage in the presence of unclear, fermented drinks with many pieces on the surface. Some variations had an additional filter at the bottom to keep pieces completely away from the straw.

Pragmatic yet simple – it's no wonder that similar straw alternatives were used all over the world to enjoy early beers, mate teas, and the like. These were the precursors to today's straws in cocktail glasses at the bar.

By the end of the 19th century, biodegradable drinking straws made of meadow grass were common. However, their tendency to quickly soften led Marvin C. Stein to come up with the idea of wrapping a single piece of paper around a black pencil and fixing this crafted straw with glue while sipping his cocktail. After a coating of wax, the modern paper straw was born!

The Beginning of the Plastic Evil

As beautiful, sustainable, and biodegradable as the history of bio straws began, it unfortunately didn't stay that way. Shortly after World War II, while America saw the rise of modern fast-food restaurants, plastic straws entered the scene and were packaged and produced in large quantities.

With their vibrant colors and liquid-resistant material, it's not surprising that this form of straw spread like wildfire and displaced the paper straw from the market.

The consequence? We have a worldwide problem with plastic. Colorful waste is scattered and floating everywhere. Straws, along with other items, unfortunately constitute a significant portion of it. Moreover, the size of straws often leads to animals swallowing them whole. All in all, it's not surprising that since the beginning of 2021, the EU has banned the sale of straws made from non-renewable resources (more information in our guide article), which has led many restaurateurs to look for sustainable disposable straws for the first time.

The Return of Paper Straws

Since the humble beginnings of paper straws, a lot has changed. Especially in recent years, with increased societal focus on sustainability, a renaissance of the classic drinking straw is gradually taking place.

Modern paper straws are no longer plagued by the problems that once gave plastic straws the opportunity to dominate the market. The paper straws from our shop withstand the moisture and temperature of even the wildest party cocktails without any issues and can be disposed of with a clear conscience at the end of the party, as they are both BPA-free and biodegradable, made from renewable resources – sourced from sustainable forestry with FSC® certification!

Whereas in the 1950s, plastic straws exclusively fascinated with colorful variants, today we offer a wide selection of black, white, colorful, and sturdy paper straws online – the right biodegradable alternative for every situation. They are ideal in large quantities for businesses or just a few pieces for a cocktail party at home.

A Straw for Every Occasion

A wedding in white? No problem – white paper straws captivate with their simple charm. The black counterpart is just perfect for a trendy bar! And for those who prefer colorful options, there are plenty of colors to choose from – whether it's a striped straw or one printed in your favorite color.

Aside from color, the size of the straw is also crucial. Paper straws have no limitations in this regard: we offer straws with diameters ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 mm. And when it comes to length, the eco-friendly paper alternative has no issues either: classic 20 to 23 cm or perhaps a 15 cm straw for a shorter glass? The paper straw doesn't have to be straight anymore, our flexible, bendable variants provide uncompromising drinking enjoyment.

Our goal is to provide the suitable and better alternative for your needs with our biodegradable straws – along with many other items in our online shop.

In conclusion: Paper straws today are capable of meeting all the challenges of the gastronomy industry – no matter what kind of drinks your customers enjoy: smoothies, juices, or cocktails – our bio straws are environmentally friendly and biodegradable!

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